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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Siberian Cat Rescue Group ( SCRG ) is to rescue and rehome abused, abandoned, unwanted and homeless Siberian cats with the hopes of placing them in loving "fur" ever homes. Thoroughly reviewing all applicants will be the primary concern of this group to be certain all Siberians will be placed into the proper "fit" home. A home to last for the rest of this cats lifetime.

Most rescue cats come from shelters or possibly from kitten/cat mills or if a situation develops in its current home that causes the owner to have to place the cat elsewhere. We encourage all Siberian breeders to be aware that in the event of your inability to care for your cats or a death with no instructions for the family members as to the placement of the cats, we are here to help in any way we can.

Not all Siberians will have registration papers coming from SCRG but we will attempt to make a clear determination with the information supplied to us that a cat is a Siberian. SCRG can not and will not guarantee the parentage of any cat coming through our group, but we will to the best of our ability based on our knowledge of the breed including physical traits and breed standards ans using information supplied by the shelters determine the cats Siberian "ness".

SCRG will act as a liason with the shelters and takes no responsibility for the shelters. We will present the information as supplied to SCRG with all cats on our available cats page. Please ask enough questions if you are interested in one of our cats to be sure this is a good match for you and your family.

We will NOT send any Siberian into an allergy home unless the new family can visit this specific cat in its foster home. Although this breed does do well for folks with allergies it is not 100% effective for all allergy sufferers.

Once the match has been made, SCRG will assist in the transport of your new kitty. You are welcome to ship by air at your expense providing the cat is traveling counter to counter - no cargo shipping will be permitted. We may arrange ground transport of the distance is not to far.

The adoption fee is $175.00 which includes altering as no cat will leave SCRG without neutering or spaying under any circumstances. All vaccines will be current for age including rabies and FeLv testing. A health certificate will also come with each cat.

While we make every effort to ensure the cats are healthy prior to placement, please understand that these are rescued cats, often from unknown backgrounds and sources, and you need to be prepared for possible medical or behavior issues that may arise after adoption.

You will be required to provide a carrier for transport. If shipped by air this carrier must be airline approved. If for some reason you are not ready to take your cat on the day it is ready a $2.00 per day boarding fee will be expected for food and litter until you receive your kitty.

If you have any further questions please e mail me at :